About Us


PFLAG Mission Statement

To promote the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, their families and friends through:

SUPPORT – to cope with an adverse society.
EDUCATION – to enlighten an ill-informed public.
ADVOCACY – to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights.

PFLAG Values Statements

  • Leadership: PFLAG believes in the responsibility of leading by example. As leaders, we commit to listening, supporting and responding to build and grow trusting relationships with all. We work together to fulfill our shared vision of full inclusion and legal equality.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: PFLAG believes that diversity can only be gained through mutual respect and trust. We actively work to build inclusive and respectful relationships with all, through a commitment to listening, learning and engaging with diverse communities.
  • Community Engagement: PFLAG believes that we are measured by our words and actions. In our communities, we empower ourselves to reach out in coalition and partnership to advocate for change toward full inclusion and legal equality.
  • Lifelong Learning: PFLAG believes learning is the key to positive change and inclusion. We engage in continual learning for ourselves and provide ongoing learning opportunities to broaden understanding to overcome misinformation and bias.

Annual Reports and Financials

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Steering Committee

PFLAG Columbia-Howard County, MD. is an all-volunteer organization.

Jumel Howard - President

Suzi Gerb - Support Group Facilitator

Christopher Hefty - Support Group Facilitator

Judy Gaver - Support Group Facilitator

Scott Hefty - Treasurer

Judy Schiffer - Support Group Facilitator

Kiana Fok - Secretary

Yuri Achille - Support Group Facilitator

Renesha Alphonso - Membership Coordinator

Suzanne W. - Support Group Facilitator

Ajamu - Volunteer Coordinator

Heather Morris - Support Group Facilitator

General Information


Mailing Address and Phone

P.O. Box 1479 | Columbia, MD 21044 | 443.953.8631

Chapter Contacts

Chapter President: Jumel Howard | howard.jumel@pflaghoco.org
Treasurer: Scott Hefty | hefty.scott@pflaghoco.org
Secretary: Kiana Fok | fok.kiana@pflaghoco.org
Fundraising Coordinator: Chris Hefty | hefty.chris@pflaghoco.org
Membership Coordinator: Renesha Alphonso | alphonso.renesha@pflaghoco.org

Support Group Contacts