• Volunteer with us

    We are now welcoming volunteers to join our family. Please review the open positions below and use the form located here to indicate your interest

  • Chapter Treasurer

    Desire professional accounting experience; any experience in accounting / bookkeeping will be considered. This is one of the chapter’s four officer positions.


    Responsibilities include:

    • Handle all of the chapter’s financial affairs
    • Maintain financial records, receipts, and disbursements of funds
    • Submit monthly financial reports to Steering Committee
    • Prepare an annual financial statement
    • Reconcile financial statements with Quickbooks
    • Chair the Budget Committee and prepare the Chapter’s fiscal year planning budget
    • Coordinate with other officers on the development of the Chapter’s Annual Report
    • File all required government reports

    Our current Treasurer will conduct a detailed turn-over and ensure a smooth transition.

    Digital Media Coordinator

    Desire training/professional experience as a web master or other communications roles.


    Responsibilities include:

    • Develop Chapter’s Communications Strategy
    • Work with chapter officers and Steering Committee members to determine content (e.g., news, announcements, events)
    • Oversee 
      • Chapter website
      • Chapter Social Media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
      • Digital Publications
    • Upload and maintain online content (e.g., ensuring links, pages, posts, etc. function properly)
    • Monitor and respond to inquiries in chapter inbox

    Our current Communications and Social Media Coordinator will conduct a detailed turn-over and ensure a smooth transition.

    Mission Coordinators

    PFLAG’s Mission is to build on a foundation of loving families united with LGBTQ+ people and allies who support one another, and to educate ourselves and our communities to speak up as advocates until all hearts and minds respect, value and affirm LGBTQ people.


    PFLAG HoCo’s Mission Coordinators work with other members of PFLAG HoCo to develop and carry out strategies for achieving the three mission areas of Support, Education, and Advocacy for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.


    These positions are all new, so the individuals who fill these roles will work with the chapter leadership to further define the scope of their role.



    Responsibilities include:

    • Develop and carry out a PFLAG HoCo Support Mission Strategy.
    • Coordinate efforts of various support groups sponsored by PFLAG HoCo.  
    • Work with support group facilitators to address requirements (resources, logistics, etc.) to allow facilitators to focus on their members.
    • Work with chapter leadership to identify and allocate resources to meet the Support mission area.



    Responsibilities include:

    • Develop and carry out a PFLAG HoCo Advocacy Mission Strategy.
    • Identify issues of concern for the LGBTQ+ community that can be addressed through social action at the local, state, and national level.
    • Establish a network of connection with key points of contact in the area of advocacy and policy (PFLAG National, FreeState Justice, etc.).
    • Keep the Steering Committee informed of the status of advocacy efforts.



    Responsibilities include:

    • Develop and carry out a PFLAG HoCo Education Mission Strategy.
    • Coordinate chapter efforts in educating the community on LGBTQ+ matters by engaging with organizations and individuals.
    • Organize and coordinate a ‘Speakers Bureau” of PFLAG HoCo volunteers who can provide educational presentations and testimonials.  
    • Develop and implement an annual plan of presentation/discussion topics for chapter monthly meetings.


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