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Find that PowerPoint or Handout that You Thought was so Cool!

Did You Attend Our Training and Want a Copy of Something You Saw?

PowerPoint Presentations


Video Training Resources

  • Faces & Facets of Transgender Experience, a documentary of trans adult and children experience, by PFLAG Colorado, for $15, which includes shipping and a facilitation guide.
  • Becoming Me, a documentary on eight trans and gender nonconforming children, ages 5 – 21, and their families

Understanding Gender in Children Brochures

If you are a PFLAG Chapter and would like a customized version of these brochures for your chapter, reach out to Catherine Hyde at

  • Gender Creative Children is a brochure for parents and care givers about toddlers and young children who are expressing gender beyond the traditional binary
  • Gender Creative Youth is a brochure for parents of older children, middle and high schoolers, who are expressing gender beyond the traditional binary

Resources for Educators

Other Resources

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