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New Tween Group

Long-awaited support for our kids

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Starting August 27, a safe space for trans, gender creative, fluid tweens:

Is your transgender/gender creative/gender fluid tween between the ages of 9-13 looking for a safe space to get to know other tweens like themselves, hang out, talk, offer support, and create a sense of empowerment and community? If so, join us at the PFLAG Tween Group!

WHO: Transgender, gender creative, and gender fluid tweens ages 9-13 (no siblings, please)

WHAT: Fun activities, including ice breakers to get to know each other, games, opportunities for conversation, and drinks and snacks

WHEN: Fourth Sunday of every month from 3:30 to 4:30, starting Sunday, August 27th

WHERE: Owen Brown Interfaith Center and Conference Center, Room 101


PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Parents can gather in Room 103, a separate room, while the tweens meet

WHO WE ARE: Ursula, Laura and Jodie are 3 moms affiliated with PFLAG, who saw the need for a tween group. Our goal in forming this group is for transgender/gender creative/gender fluid tweens between the ages of 9-13 to have a community where they can have fun, talk and support each other.

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