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Gender Journey Mid-Atlantic Conference: Oct. 4 & 5

Finding Hope. Building Community. Expanding Knowledge.

· Transgender,Special Event,parent support,Youth

Supporting the Journey for Gender Creative Youth and Their Families

Though every family's journey is unique, together we can be better prepared to help our youth navigate their journey. Gender Journey Mid-Atlantic Conference is designed to ensure gender-creative youth have a strong, affirming community of family, loved ones, and service providers along with the space, support and security to thrive.

Friday, October 4: Professional Day

Professionals are provided the tools, competencies, and best practices to expand their ability to meet the needs of transgender and gender-creative youth, adults and their loved ones.

Saturday, October 5: Family Day

If your child is exploring gender, the journey can feel overwhelming, confusing and lonely. This gathering is a place where transgender and gender-creative youth, their families and loved ones come together for support, learning and community. It offers a safe space for children to freely express themselves and find friends. For their loved ones, it offers connection with others in an affirming, open and receptive environment.

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