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April General Meeting

Non-Affirming Practices and Concepts That Target the LGBTQ Community

· General Meeting,Conversion Therapy

When: Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 7:30-9:00 pm.

Where: Owen Brown Interfaith Center

7246 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, MD 21045.

The meeting will include presentations and discussions on various non-affirming practices and harmful theories/concepts targeted at the LGBTQ community, including:

  • Sexual orientation conversion therapy - counseling and psychotherapy to attempt to eliminate individuals’ sexual desires for members of their own sex.
  • Ex-gay ministry and similar terms - the practices by some religious groups that use religion to attempt to eliminate individuals’ sexual desires for members of their own sex.
  • Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) - a controversial concept that some parents believe that their children came out as transgender as a result of transgender peers, group peer pressure, and social media.

The main presenter will be Sean Lare:

Sean Lare is a licensed clinical social worker who is passionate about
serving transgender and gender diverse communities. In addition to
providing psychotherapy for individuals in the transgender communities,
Mr. Lare also works as an educator and advocate in the Maryland,
Washington, DC and surrounding areas throughout the Mid-Atlantic region
to help increase awareness about the unique needs of transgender,
non-binary, and gender diverse individuals. His educational work has
included providing introductory and specialized trainings on: engaging
and retaining transgender talent in the workplace, supporting
transgender and non-binary students in K-12 and college/university
settings, and guidance for providing affirming services for transgender
clients in clinical, behavioral health, and medical settings. Mr. Lare
has been a featured speaker at regional and local conferences,
participated in numerous panel discussions and guest lecture
presentations in undergraduate- and graduate-level classes, and is a
sought-after contributor to community and policy planning efforts to
increase services and rights for and to meet the diverse needs of
transgender people. The focus of his psychotherapy practice in Columbia,
MD is working with children, teens, and adults who are transgender or
gender diverse and their families and providing supervision and
consultation to other providers.

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