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2012 Media Coverage

Media Covers our Work, our Families, our Leaders

From Pride in June to a Video Profile of our Local Trans Children

June 1, 2012
Baltimore Out Loud: We Have Pride in June

May 19, 2012
Washington Post: Transgender at Five

May 5, 2012
In The Life Media: Media Bias: Trans Youth

April 20, 2012
Washington Blade: PFLAG Chapter Takes on Bullying

April 8, 2012
Edge on the Net: “In The Life” Episode Profiles Transgender Children

April 6, 2012
Huffington Post Blog by PFLAG Parent: Getting My Happy Baby Back

April 4, 2012
Metro Weekly Blog Post by PFLAG Parents: Our Little Girl

April 1, 2012
In the Life Media (30-minute segment): Becoming Me

March 28, 2012
A first-of-its-kind video: It Gets Better for Trans Parents

March 27, 2012
ABC News Health: Transgender Parent: When Mom Becomes Dad, Children Struggle

February 24, 2012
SFGate, San Francisco Chronicle: Maryland Same Sex Marriage Bill Goes to Governor
Carroll County Times: Residents, Officials React to Passage of Same Sex Marriage Bill
Savage-Guilford Patch: Transgender Discrimination Weighed in Howard County Schools

January 16, 2012
Black White & Gay: The Human Side, a radio show integrating the religious, legal and psychological perspectives of being gay in America, featured several members of PFLAG’s Steering Committee speaking to contemporary issues facing LGBT folk.

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